Vacuum accessories

  • DYSONV6 Cordless Tool Kit
  • £38.64
  • Enhance the versatility of your Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with the Dyson  V6 Cordless Tool Kit , featuring a Stubborn Dirt Brush, Soft...
  • DYSONV7 / V8 Handheld Toolkit
  • £46.37  £38.62
    Save: 17% off. available in today.
  • The Dyson V7 / V8 Handheld Toolkit provides essential tools to clean all areas around your home. A mattress tool helps you easily remove dust and...
  • DYSONZorb Carpet Cleaner
  • £7.72
  • Keep your carpets looking and smelling great with the Dyson Zorb Carpet Cleaner . This carpet cleaning powder allows you to enjoy the benefits of wet...
  • KARCHERFoam Spray Nozzle
  • £13.90
  • Attaching to your Kärcher Pressure washer, the Foam Spray Nozzle is a convenient attachment that allows you to produce a powerful foam for cleaning...
  • KARCHERNarrow Vac Nozzle
  • £11.59
  • Clean your windows efficiently with the Kärcher Narrow Vac Nozzle . The narrow Suction Nozzle can fit into small spaces, making it ideal for...
  • KARCHERRound Brush Set
  • £10.04
  • Ensure that your steam cleaner gets rid of stubborn stains in even hard to reach places with this Karcher Round Brush Set . Designed to be compatible...